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Bucchero urban nature

Bucchero urban nature                                                (Campiello Barbaro Venice 28 September 2014)                                      

It is an ancient Etruscan technique.
Bucchero Ware is distinguished by its black fabric as well as glossy, black surface achieved through the unique “reduction” method in which was fired.
After the leather-hard green ware was arranged in the kiln and the fire started the vent holes were closed, thus reducing the supply of oxygen required in a normal kiln firing.
In the smoke-filled atmosphere of the kiln, the oxygen-starved flames drew oxygen molecules from the iron oxide of the pottery.
This process caused the fabbric of the clay to change colour from it natural red to black.
The lustrous, Shiny, black surface of many bucchero pieces was achieved by diligent burnishing.


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