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神々のエピログ epilogo|prologo

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locandina Epilogo_prologo_A3_28-04-2016

(神々のエピログ epilogo|prologo – Museo e Biblioteca  Internazionale della  Musica – Bologna)


“In the world there are many gods and many religions that indicate to man the paths for peace and serenity, but it is easier to seek happiness just for ourselves and for the people who are close. Art is one of the way to pursue to overcome the difficulties that the gods meet and convey the importance of finding serenity for the others”.The exhibition, brainchild of Master Shogoro Nomura, will be an opportunity for interacting and sharing, in a perspective in which the art is not a boast as an end in itself, but a reason to bring people closer and build relationships.The Epilogue and Prologue that give the name to the exhibition refer to a desired vision of the Master Nomura, in which the period we are living is a transition, to one in which the art is an activity for others and not a selfish practice.The exhibition presents a series of ceramic works in which each artist in a symbolic way proposes its own “Gradale”, tailored to individual artistic and cultural contamination.





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