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PANTA REI  – 万物流転

An aphorism ascribed to Heraclitus, ancient Greek philosopher means “Everything flows” in the way that it is not possible immerging yourself twice in the same river because everything is subject to the changing law.

This expression is in fact manifesto of the ephemeral nature’s awareness, of a world that has for common the transformation.

The exhibition in a path to enable through the ceramics language the fascinating transience and apparent standstill of nature.


D:exhibition12 PANTAREI  Kyoto 2016Prova LOC autocad Model (1

        PANTA REI   万物流転 – KYOTO  TASK MUSEUM 京都伝統工芸館

Author: studiopeacock

we are a group of artis, such as new exhibition concepts, we dialougue with international artists. Our bolg talks about art, italian and japanese culture.

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