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Ragnarǫk ラグナロク – Il FORTino

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(Ragnarǫラグナロク- Il FORTino  Venice )

past        future

rie       satoko

hiroko       ayaka

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It is an exhibition that can be told with the words.

Is an exhibition that through the works created by Italian and Japanese artists, the ceramic solids, wants to convey an idea for reflection on what the man is capable of doing, of right and wrong; on what can interfere positively or negatively affect the course of their lives, to influence the lives of others.

It is  reminder that suggested by the master ceramist Shogoro through the meaning of “Ragnarǫk”, a word that has traveled through time, which originates in the Icelandic mythology, only to be rediscovered by Richard Wagner in “canto dei Nibelunghi”. A mythology come up in the East, perhaps even through the Hindu religion (narrated in the book of Mahabharata), now entered the Japanese culture as ラグナロク.

The warning is not to be interpreted as the end, the sunset, the epilogue but an exhortation to present itself positively towards others.




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