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暮蕓春樹 Boun Syunju – 杜甫( Toho)

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stefano giglio

杜甫( Toho)

During the Kan’ei era of the Edo period (1624–1643), Shào Chuán (邵傳) of theMing Dynasty’s Collective Commentary on Du Fu’s  杜律集解 Toritsu Shikka  was imported into Japan, and it gained explosive popularity in Confucian scholars and chonin (townspeople) class.

Matsuo Basho the greatest haiku poet, was also strongly influenced by Du Fu; in Oku no Hosomichi, his masterpiece, he cites the first two lines of A Spring View (春望) before a haiku as its introduction and also many of his other haiku have similar wording and themes.

It is said that when he died in Osaka during a long travel, a copy of Du Fu’s poetry was found with him as one of a few precious items which he was able to carry around. 
























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