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(Libreria Bocca – Giorgio Lodetti – Stefano Giglio – Shogoro Nomura)

Have been to the new event organised by Gruppo C13 and the artist Shogoro from Japan. The location choosen for this event – that was a dialog about the concept of art in Italy and in Japan  – has been the historical bookstore Bocca.

The event has been very interesting  – I have discovered how many similarities there are between the two cultures even if they are geographically very far.

 Stefano Giglio, the artist  has exhibited the “ bucchero “ art. This is an old Etrurian technique used in modern way . It is useful to work the clay.

I have  discovered that if the clay becomes back to its original status also its colour does the same. If you work with bucchero art the clay it becomes black or it has shades depends on what you mix with this.

It is very interesting also the location -the little and charming Bocca bookshop. This is an historical  jewel in Milan. This is an important place for all the friends who loves books , the catalogues and artworks.  All these elements are together in this nice book shop. Here you feel as you would be in a living room of an your intelectual friend!

One of the main topic in this book shop is the art. The Bocca book shop has been opened since 1775 and it is a place dedicated to the books and the art! As you know I love both the books and the art, so I love this place! I gonna  share with you some pics just t show you how nice is this place.

This will be my main supplier for my dad’s gifts that love all the books and art too.


Font: About Italy  by Laura




























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