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DONNE~ ママ – Exhibition

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 (Spazio Del Mirabolano – Venezia ) 



Mothers and at the same time women working in modern Japan, a world, in collective imagination, distant, hasty, fascinating, unattainable. Mothers and at the same time women working in Veneto, in a land rich in history, traditions and values ​​sometimes forgotten.
It is a succession of faces focused at work expressing their maternity, the family, their expectation.Expressions that draw the two cultures closer more than ever, stories that intertwine and share the problems of everyday life, in a too much productive global society that steal valuable time. The exhibition is a memento to reflect on the importance and the fundamental role that women have in the family and at work, in education, where we all need to focus creating those rules to find the right balance between the rhythms of daily life and modernity.

Artists:   Ruriko Taniguchi – Jun kikai –  Irene Zilio;

Organized by:  Collettivoc13 – Venice  and Arti Services – Osaka

































Author: studiopeacock

we are a group of artis, such as new exhibition concepts, we dialougue with international artists. Our bolg talks about art, italian and japanese culture.

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