peacock studio

“VE.NICE Xmas Stuff”

Venice – San Giacomo da l’Orio – Calle De Mezo

12 -13 December 2015_Spazio Kanz

ve.nice chrismas stuff event

image image image image image     venice calle di mezzo

Ve.nice Christmas Stuff is an exhibition of independent design and artistic craftsmanship, designed and produced in Venice, to be held on 12 and 13 december in the Kanz Studio – Campo San Giacomo da l’Orio (Santa Croce – calle de Mezo ). The idea of bringing together designers, graphic artists and artisans who live, work or simply gravitate to Venice – all joined by the desire to create quality products preserving the project autonomy – born within the walls of the Kanz space, as an alternative to the increasing large production of souvenir without quality which has heavily invaded the city in the past few years. No coincidence that the idea was born in Venice. In the Venice farthest from the Disney tourism, and closer to the far mestizos horizons of its past. In the office of San Giacomo da l’Orio, one of the most fascinating square of The City of Water, Mediterranean influences meet Eastern culture as well as north European, places where the different designers drew inspiration from and then transferred into simple materials such as glass, wood, iron, clay, because they really care to demonstrate that Venice is still capable to influence and inspire. The Kanz Office proposes this first experience of synergy between designers and craftsmen in Venice as a starting point for a larger project of an effective collaboration between different local engaged in research and experimentation.Among the participants at the event Ve.nice Christmas Stuff: Kanz architects (Antonella Maione and Mauro Cazzaro), Massimo Brignoni, Francesco Tencalla, Studio Fludd, Stefano Giglio, Elena Lombardi, Laboratory DoppioFondo.

Stefano Giglio – Elena Lombardi   – Venice

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