peacock studio

Ve.nice Stuff 2017 – T Fondaco dei Tedeschi

EVENT PAVILION –  T Fondaco dei Tedeschi – Venice

From Dicember 2017 to February  2018


Sekala Niskala

“There is no shape you can’t create if everything flows with the right lightness”.

Studio Peacock  is a design research studio, created and designed by Elena Lombardi and Stefano Giglio, founded in 2014. Elena Lombardi and Stefano Giglio think about new exhibition concepts, dialogue with international artists, create new works between their experimentation clay-lab at a strong eighteenth century on the mainland of Venice and the Atelier “Gorogama” in Osaka.

Their design in recent years has been strongly influenced by the artistic, philosophical and creative dialogue that has been established with master Shogoro Nomura and a group of Japanese artists. A philosophical status that led them to look for common points between western and eastern culture in a continuous comparison, discovering that the two cultures are very close.

 The Objects displayed were created for two exhibitions that were held in Venice, Osaka and Bali entitled  ” Wanderlust 風来坊 ”  and “ On the way ”.

The idea of displaying those works in a design exhibition was born with the intention of emphasizing that the philosophical concepts of art and the works with their shapes can provide important ideas for a new design project.