peacock studio


FORTino  – Forte Carpenedo  Venezia Mestre

16 – 24 January 2016





wonder-room. A German language terminology used to categorize rooms where the collectors, from XVI to XVIII century, fitted out with extraordinary objects for their special features.
Heterogeneous and unknown archives containing works of art and antiquities stored with works belonging to natural history, with the manifest desire to delight with what was not fully understood or simply wondered.
Collective C13, with their Japanese artist friends, fitted out a collection with the works displayed in the previous exhibitions in Venice, Osaka, Noda, Milan.
“Wunderkammer” would like to emphasise the importance of manteining active and vibrant places like Forte Carpenedo, full of potential that may become a “container” for new meeting, place of dialogue between artists, spaces for creating or simply for thinking.